Giving Back To Community: City-House of Plano, TX


We have always felt the importance of giving back to the society. We have been associated with various non-profit associations, but never felt the depth of yearning that we should do something for this ‘particular’ organization.

The City House of Plano has broken the twig, to say the least, that if two school teachers could spare their time and effort, we with all the blessings of the Lord, must be able to add value to their effort.

It does not matter how much, but the intent and purpose followed by a deed, regardless of the magnitude, will go a long way.

Let it be a geometry box, a pencil set or a laptop computer – every donation improves the life of those kids. Bless your heart, for your every donation.

We, at Live Healthy Wealthy, decided to show our support to the City House, by donating a dollar for every pound our team members lose.

Our request for you is to just join our team in your weight-loss journey and help us donate.

We are available to discuss more on this, if you need to. Just reach out to contact us. We will be glad to help you.

Thank you for your time.